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If you look at my top 30 Billboard hits I produced, you will see that I that a good number of them were collaborations with other producers.

Finally I'm giving up and coming producers a chance to create multiple tracks with me! This is something that will help advance your career as well as help build and grow your brand.

The reason why you want to collab with other producers is because they may have the relationships with artist you can't reach which furthers your chance of getting placements.

Another reason is because it forces you to be more creative. Collabing with other producers will push your creativety to a new level because you have to bounce different ideals and sounds back n fourth. This practive will help you grow as a producer.

With this limited offer I am giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to work and make beats with a platinum producer!

How it works is once you handle the payment, I will then give you over 5 melodies. All you have to do is add your sauce to them!

The tracks that sound the best will then be sent to all of my industy friends who are platinum artist. I will also play the tracks for them in my private session so they can record to them.

This will be a 50/50 collab which is fair. That way we both eat. Also this wil help build your relationships with major artist as well who get to hear your beats.

Below you will see what exactly comes with this collab package:

  • 5 Custom Audio Loops 24-Bit WAV files so you can drag and drop them at once into your DAW. The sounds will be without any effects so you can add you own reverb, EQ, or delay settings.
  • All Stems are also available as 4-8 Bar loops exported as 24-Bit WAV to give you more freedom to make any stem file fitting into your project.
  • The tracks that you pick will be sent out to over 30 Platinum artist that fit the sound.
  • Back n Fourth Email communication with K.E. On The Track to assure the track is built formatted to be the best version and sounding track.
  • BONUS: Instant download of my Industy Plug List.


  • You will get my Producer Plug list wit this package so you can start contacting and building relationships with major artist.
  • ⦁ The Emails & Office Phone Numbers to all the top Record Label A&R's in the game. From Interscope, Empire, Sony, all the way to DefJam Records. So you can get your producer career on fire faster!
  • My top 3 Email Scripts and Subject Lines that have the highest amount of open rates and fastest responses.

If you're too lazy create 5 tracks with me or sit back and email your production and connect with people who can change your life then there's no hope for you. That might sound harsh, but it's true. This is for serious producers only..

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