As an artist or producer are you looking to get useful and constructive feedback about a track, album or project? Do you need a set of fresh ears or want a 2nd opinion on your latest work? Are you looking for strategies for an upcoming release or help with deciding what is next for you and your music?

I can help with this. I have been working in the music industry for over 10+ years as an Award Winning Record Producer, manager and consultant and have worked with many major label and independent artists. Additionally, I have detailed experience in promoting artist and getting singles seen and heard on a major scale.I can offer the feedback & critique needed to guide your music or project to a professional level while respecting & maintaining your integrity as a artist or producer.

In the music world, sometimes an honest and critical opinion can help an artist realize their potential, challenge their abilities and further an idea beyond expectations. With my history & career in the music industry, I would love to offer my consultation services and help you realize your goals as an artist. below fill out your contact information and include you music links and social media and me or a team meber will promptly get back to you


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