3 proven strategies to help you become a platinum producer



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In the above video I'm going to show you the 3 steps I used that took me from flipping burgers at Mcdonald's to becoming a Platinum record producer.

These 3 strategies can be implemented today to start getting placements with your tracks.

Now and days there are a lot of Beat makers and Producers who all are trying to make it. But the reason a lot of them don't is because they are not applying the correct strategies to win. It takes more than just having a good track to get placements. Creating a good beat is only half of the battle.

If you want to succeed and scale your career as a producer to the next level, you need to have the right connections.

There are a lot of producers and beat makers who are greatly talented yet lack the tools and resources they need to get seen and heard on a bigger scale. A great deal usually fail because of this.

Most beat makers & producers usually create multiple tracks a day that pile up without having a way to get artist to record to them or big labels to hear them.

I understand how it feels to be blessed with a gift while at the same time lacking guidance and the resources to help propel your career.

This is why I created The Producer Plug List. To help producers and artist from anywhere in the world directly connect with Platinum Artist, A&Rs, Record Labels, Publishers and other major sources to help get their creations seen and heard on a major scale.

I have 10 years of experience in the music industry and have 30 Billboard hits and 1 Grammy nomination. These accomplishments came because I connected with the right people in the industry which then helped me to get noticed, create a career, and keep getting production placements. Now I want to share these connections with you.

It's my goal to create tools that can help upcoming producers launch their careers faster and more efficiently and with this great tool it will do so. This is the perfect cheat sheet for any producer at any career stage.

We are continuously updating our Producer Plug List with the most active, fresh and reliable contacts. We are 100% committed by offering you the most current and extensive contacts in the music industry!

For Producers and Beat Makers , owning this Producer Plug List is of the highest importance. When you are ready to send your music and buld relationships with major artist, AnR's and the record labels, this current and active contacts list is what you'll need.

Here are some of contacts you'll get using my personal list:

  • Over 200 Major artist email contacts
  • over 100 A&R emails and phone numbers
  • Over 50 Major label email contacts and phone numbers.
  • Direct manager contacts


  • Email Subject lines that increase a high open rate.
  • Email Scripts that that increase a high response rate.

If you're too lazy to sit back and email your production and connect with people who can change your life then there's no hope for you. That might sound harsh, but it's true. This is for serious producers only.