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One thing that Independent artist struggle with is getting proper promotion. There are a great deal of artist in the world who make good music but lack modern skills to get heard.

Unsigned artists have more opportunities than ever before to launch their own career without the backing of the majors or a big budget.

Many promising new artists out there simply don’t know where to start or how to create or maintain an online presence.

This is why I decided to launch this promotional service! To help creatives get seen and heard on a larger scale by promoting their music on major music platforms, setting up blog interviews, and marketing them thru social media.

Each artist and release is different, so we take the time to create a customised promotional campaign for you. We understand what platforms are looking for and the artists they will promote. We create our campaigns with this in mind so you can have a greater opportunity at getting your music heard.

The new trend has led towards more streaming networks like Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, Tidal, and more. Also Social media accessibility is becoming a standard and consumers want to see a heavy presence.

I have over 10 years in the music industry with over 30 Billboard hits and a Grammy nomination. This is not said to brag but to assure you that I'm more than qualified to take on your career to the top!

Here are the services you will receive when hiring us to promote your music:

  • 2 major blog interviews and post..
  • Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube & Tidal Promotion..
  • Instagram promotion to gain more followers..
  • Music email blast to over 50k music lovers..
  • BONUS: Instant download of my industry Plug List.

When hiring us to handle your promotion, we immediately get started. You are assigned a project manager from our team who will market and promote your music for a full 60 days straight.

If you are serious about your music career and ready to take it to the top, then click the button below and LETS GET STARTED!

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